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Marina Mazatlán

Marina Mazatlán is one of the biggest urban and touristic developments in México and Latin America, affording its residents a superior quality of life. Residential areas, condominiums, golf course, docks, recreational areas, privacy, security, commercial areas, universities and high schools are already a reality for Marina Mazatlán: the best investment you can make today, and one which will increase in value every day. Make the decision to transform your family’s life. Welcome to the thriving community of Marina Mazatlán.

Arroyos de la Marina

Arroyos de la marina is a strategically located development made up of residential lots starting at 320 meters squared. It has controlled access, {...}

Paraíso Marina

Paraíso Marina, New residential division in the best zone in Marina Mazatlan, it is located in front of puerta al mar and punta diamante. {...}

Franja de la Marina

Marina Mazatlán has an extensive shoreline around the marina with land for residential development, condominiums and hotels, all with views {...}

Punta Diamante

The concept of living alone is not only living along itself but a place where all the satisfactory amenities come together to complement the biggest {...}

Puerto Iguana

With spectacular marina views, Puerto Iguana offers Mexican style luxury villas with docks within walking distance of your door. {...}

Club Real

Club Real, This splendid residential complex offers uniformly family-like lots on three different dimensions ranging from 330 to 650 {...}

Marina Puesta del Sol

Marina Pusta del Sol offer investors the opportunity of living in a marina-like atmosphere with the luxury and comfort of a condominium unit. {...}

Puerta al Mar

Beautiful sunsets, sailboats, yachts and boats, are some of the things you can find of Marina Mazatlan's new residential development Puerta al Mar. {...}

Marina Real

In Marina Mazatlan we are aware of your every need, therefore we offer, within our project Marina Real, a few new options for your selection.{...}