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About Us

Mazatlán, beyond its natural wealth, which is reflected in bountiful, sustainable commercial fisheries, Mazatlán boasts Mexico’s largest extension of sandy beaches suitable for swimming and sunbathing, a big-game fishing mecca, a dazzling sun that regales us with spectacular sunsets, lively nightlife, and above all, northwestern Mexico's most important cultural activities: theater, dance, exhibits and gastronomy. Mazatlán offers its visitors and inhabitants the very best thing any person can expect from such a place: the good life.

Marina Mazatlán is one of the biggest urban and touristic developments in México and Latin America, affording its residents a superior quality of life. Residential areas, condominiums, golf course, docks, recreational areas, privacy, security, commercial areas, universities and high schools are already a reality for Marina Mazatlán: the best investment you can make today, and one which will increase in value every day. Make the decision to transform your family’s life. Welcome to the thriving community of Marina Mazatlán.

Oportunidades de oro, the comercial lots around Marina Mazatlán guarantee success all round. With the growth of tourism and the number and numbers of families with a second home in Marina Mazatlán, the demand for services and suppliers has turned the area into a goldmine. Now is the time to get a piece of the action. We’re certain you’ll find the ideal place to make your ideas a reality.

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